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Welcome to Elite Commando Fitness

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Elite Commando Fitness Limited, your first step to achieving all your Health and Fitness goals.

Physical Training is not only about looking good. Having a healthy mind and realistic goals are just as important.

Whether this is the first time you have exercised and want to lose weight, or maybe you have reached your plateau and need that extra push. With 30 years of fitness and martial arts experience, Elite Commando Fitness can cater for all your physical training requirements.

Would you like to learn Realistic Self Defence, Boxing or Kickboxing? How about a taste of what it would be like to train as one of the world's most elite fighting forces, the Royal Marines Commandos?

After your FREE consultation, we will establish your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, then devise a program to suit your requirements.

Remember, fitness has to be enjoyed to keep you interested.

We look forward to helping you to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.